SAFE House

SAFE House, established in 1982, offers a safe, confidential and temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence and their dependent children. SAFE House has provided services to more than 11,000 victims in its first 25 years. A temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence and their dependent children is provided. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SAFE House helps victims of domestic violence and their families. Anyone who is a victim of domestic violence is eligible for all SAFE House services.

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line for Information & Referral
  • Transportation
  • Advocacy
  • Follow-Up Services
  • Community Education

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SAFE House
P.O. Box 3426
Kingsport, Tennessee, 37664

Phone and Hours if needed/available
Contact Concern: 844-578-7233
Contact Concern: 844-578-SAFE


You Have Choices As A Victim

You are not to blame for the violence against you. You do not deserve to be abused. You can take legal action to protect yourself and your family. You can choose to stay in the relationship or to leave. Call SAFE House to discuss your options. 844-578-SAFE (7233) in Northeast TN.

You Have Choices As A Batterer

As a batterer, you have choices but when you become angry, it is not OK to strike out. Being violent is a choice. You can leave the situation, talk to a friend, or call 844-578-SAFE (7233) in Northeast TN to get help. You can learn other ways to deal with anger, frustration, and stress.

Victims of Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence and their dependent children receive services at no cost at SAFE House. Victims of domestic violence receive:

  • Immediate, temporary shelter while transitioning out of a violent home and help finding long-term, safe, affordable housing.
  • Case planning and referral to appropriate resources.
  • Individual and group counseling, crisis and peer counseling, referrals to professional counseling, and related help is available so victims can recover from the effects of abuse.
  • Basic physical needs are met while victims transition out of a violent household into a safe, and independent one, including food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and basic hygiene items.
  • Assistance and support is available to help victims stabilize their lives and their children, including more intensive support for low income, or no income families.
  • Education / assistance is available to help victims understand the how the Criminal Justice System works, how to access services, understand victims' rights, file an Order of Protection or other court documents and papers, file charges and work with law enforcement.
  • Domestic Violence Education.
  • Follow-up assistance for help with food, hygiene items, transportation, or support.
  • Interpretation for non-English speaking victims.