Magnolia Ridge

Magnolia Ridge is a 19-bed alcohol and drug Detoxification and Residential treatment center specializing in addiction and related problems including co-occurring mental illness diagnosis and lifestyle issues for adults 18 and older.

Detoxification services for opioid, alcohol, benzodiazepine and other related substances are available to men and women. Multi-disciplinary staff includes a physician on-call, licensed medical and treatment staff, and other qualified personnel. Residential services for women are available at Willow Ridge.

Magnolia Ridge
900 Buffalo St.
Johnson City, Tennessee, 37604

Phone and Hours if needed/available
Main: 423-232-4130

Intake Hours M-F 8-5

Residential Treatment

Magnolia Ridge Residential services responds to the needs of men including co-occurring mental illness diagnosis, trauma history, and dealing with the ramifications of the addicted lifestyle.Services are available at this site for men. Intake for the women's services arranged from this location.

The program uses evidenced-based, best practice guidelines to develop recovery life skills. Individually centered treatment offers ASAM Level III.7 Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Treatment, ASAM Level.5 Clinically Managed Medium High Intensity Residential Treatment and Level III.3 Clinically Managed Medium Intensity Residential Services. Services include individual and group therapy, education, and access to family therapy.

Staff assists clients in developing individualized plans and helps them to maintain plans. Individuals are seen as needed for counseling by master's level clinicians to discuss personal problems that may interfere with recovery, weekly progress, and expectations of treatment.

Co-Occurring Diagnosis

Every individual who enters treatment receives an evaluation for both substance abuse and a co-occurring mental illness. Individuals who have both conditions, receive specialized goals that deal with and focus on putting both diagnosis into a recovery mode during treatment. 

Other Services

Women's Services: Detoxification is available at Magnolia Ridge. Specialized residential treatment services are available at Willow Ridge.

Individual Treatment: Clients length of stay is based on progress of individual goals and treatment objectives.

Family Treatment: It may be requested during family group. Families may choose to see a therapist with or without the client present. Referral resources for family is available.

Progress: Progress is measured daily by staff. Client input and participation is essential to this evaluation. Areas may include, but are not limited to, addictive response, behavior, cognition, and emotional changes.

Hope for Tennessee: Provides education on communicable diseases and offers referral for testing.

Twelve Step Meetings: Clients are introduced to the twelve steps and twelve step meetings.

Specialized Education: Groups and speakers are provided to benefit the clients.


Magnolia Ridge provides referrals for intensive outpatient, outpatient, psychiatric, case management, individual and/or family therapy, and other services. Upon discharge, the client receives scheduled appointments for the next step of continued recovery.

Linkage is available for:

  • Sober housing, step-houses, other living arrangements
  • Medical & dental programs
  • Community intensive outpatient and outpatient services
  • Vocational rehabilitation and educational assistance
  • Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, community programs
  • Weekly aftercare meetings

Other intensive residential treatment:

  • Co-Occurring Groups
  • Relapse Prevention & Denial Management
  • Gender Specific Therapy
  • Family Education Group
  • Life Skills Management
  • Family Therapy
  • Case Management