Crisis ResponseSuicide Prevention

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If you’re at risk of hurting yourself or others, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911 and tell them you’re having a mental health crisis. If you feel life isn’t worth living, and you need to talk with a professional, you can get help now at no charge by calling:




Lee County: 276-346-3590
Scott County: 276-225-0976
Wise County: 276-523-8300

If you’ve felt sad way too long, can’t sleep, feel disconnected, get angry easily or are overwhelmed by fear, there is help for you. Don’t wait until you consider suicide, call the numbers above now for help!

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

To find out more about local support groups:

Support Groups

Or Call:

Survivors of Suicide, Tri-Cities: 423-361-2087
Survivors of Suicide, Southwest Virginia: 276-346-1641 or 276-346-3590