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February, 2023

Church Street Pavilion (CSP) Showcases Their Love for the Periodic Table

CSP celebrated National Periodic Table Day in style. Since 2016, National Periodic Table Day has been celebrated on February 7 to pay tribute to those charts we saw posted up in our Science classrooms. CSP decorated shirts in the style of those square boxes we all grew up learning, with team members wearing some tried and trues (COW-cium and Sodium), and they even represented Tennessee with Tennessine (the newest element added to the table, added in 2010 and named after our favorite state). And no, we did not make that up. Tennessine is a synthetic chemical element with the symbol Ts and atomic number 117. It is the second-heaviest known element and the penultimate element of the 7th period of the periodic table.

Night Owl Circus Arts Hosts Frontier Health’s Adult Mental Health First Aid Class

Night Owl Circus Arts (NOCA) has many incredible instructors, two locations in Johnson City, and offers classes seven days a week for all ages and skill levels. They offer courses like Aerial Silks, Lyra, Aerial Yoga, AcroYoga, Trapeze, Spanish Web, Pole, Tightwire, Juggling, and more. NOCA has taught thousands of classes to youth and adults and has impacted 30,000+ people over its 10-year tenure. NOCA’s owner, Craig Lewis, contacted Frontier Health’s Brandy Maltsburger and Ashley Sidebottom, requesting an Adult Mental Health First Aid class for his staff and community stakeholders. This ignited a collaboration between NOCA and Frontier Health, with nearly 30 circus performers and community stakeholders becoming Certified Mental Health First Aiders on 2/9/23.   

The link below will give you more information about NOCA and unique aerial arts opportunities in Johnson City, Tennessee, for you, your friends, your family, your community, and even the clients Frontier Health serves. It’s the best-kept secret in Johnson City.

Independence Unlimited Moves to Big Stone Gap

We are excited to announce the opening of our new location at 622 Powell Avenue in Big Stone Gap! Over the last several years, a national movement has transitioned from Sheltered Employment programs to community-based Supported Employment services. We began discussing plans for our transition four years ago, which have come to fruition. We moved out of our former building at the Pioneer Center in Duffield into our new location in Big Stone Gap in January 2023. Our team is excited to take these next steps and provide Supported Employment services in SW Virginia.

Our agency’s Sheltered Employment services began in Dryden, Virginia in the mid-1970s in collaboration between Developmental Services and Planning District 1 Community Services Board. Plants were grown in a glass showcase at the Adult Activity Center and then transferred to the actual Greenhouse in 1978. We also had a contract with Norfolk & Southern Railroad to do landscaping and mowing, as well as cleaning their offices and bathhouses. The program supported a group of students at Lee County High School, eventually leading to the opening of Four Seasons Greenhouse in 1978, and Greenhouse operations later expanded to Gate City as well.

Sheltered Employment services also expanded to serve people diagnosed with mental illness and began operations in the basement of Independence House in the late 1980s. In 2000, we moved into the Pioneer Center and developed a robust array of services, including Pre-Vocational, Enclave, Sheltered Employment, and Supported Employment services. The services enhanced the development of social, personal, and work-related skills based on the needs of the persons served. Twenty-three years later, there’s a new movement to support people in integrated settings in their communities, and we are excited to be an integral part of this process!

Johnson County Counseling Center (JCCC)

JCCC uniquely celebrated Valentine’s Day this past February; they played BINGO. No, they did not pile into a van and head to a smoke-filled volunteer fire department with their dabbers in each hand, sipping on diet coke, wearing visors. They did email BINGO. Every 30 minutes, a number was emailed, and the first to get a BINGO took home cold hard candy. The prize was a unique candy bouquet.

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Maureen Gaynor Co-Authors Book of the Year for the American Journal of Nursing (AJN)

Maureen Gaynor from our Houston Counseling Center recently found out that the book Palliative Care Nursing: Caring for Suffering Patients, 2nd edition, in which she wrote the chapter “The Role of Healing and Holistic Nursing” won first place in the AJN 2022 Book of the Year Awards. In addition, the book won first place in the AJN Palliative/Hospice category. Maureen is Board certified by the American Holistic Nursing Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) as an Advanced Holistic Nurse (AHN). CONGRATULATIONS Maureen!

Victory Center Johnson City, Scott County Behavioral Health and Church St. Pavilion Enjoy Pizza Part as Winners of the Google Challenge

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Victory Center Johnson City, Scott County Behavioral Health and Church St. Pavilion were three of the four recipients of a pizza party from the Google Review challenge, increasing the reviews left on their Google listing. The Google project is significant as it reflects our reputation in the community and individuals willingness to  recommend us to those seeking help. In addition, it will help increase our outreach, allowing more individuals who need the service to feel confident that we are a quality provider in their community. The Google Project will be an ongoing project, keep up the good work !

Please know winners were not chosen because of rating increases but rather how many new reviews were obtained. We always look to improve, and honest feedback is much appreciated.

Corporate Holds 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff

The stakes were high, especially for those that lost to canned Hormel Chili in the previous competition. Still, those that participated could enjoy a lunch of many different chilis from the various teams formed at the Corporate office in hopes of taking home the “Golden Toilet Award.” The different chilies were given a number, and after everyone ate, they submitted the number of their favorite chili. Chilis ranged from chicken to beef; some were thick and spicy, but once the chili started to run dry and the votes were cast, the winning team was crowned. Tammy, Pam, Michelle, Nancy, Ramona, and Nikki have been crowned 2023 Chili Champs with their southern homemade chili.

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Psychiatry Grand Rounds Sessions 

ETSU QCOM Department of Psychiatry cordially invites you to attend Psychiatry Grand Rounds sessions on the 1st and 3rd Fridays monthly from 11:00am – 12:00pm. Please click here for upcoming topics. Upon completion of the evaluation for each session, you will be provided an attendance certificate that can be submitted to the NASW.

Dad Joke

Caught Being Extraordinary – February

Melissa Hoyle from Johnson County Counseling was caught showing Teamwork, Service Excellence, Efficiency and Customer Service. She did this by “jumping in and helping all of us with doing our jobs.”



Kim Gouge from Turning Point was caught being extraordinary. She did this by “always getting back to me quickly when I have issues with District 17 or SARPOS billing. She is a very valuable employee.”



Kelli Hamilton from Wise County Behavioral was caught demonstrating Customer Service and Quality of Care by working hard to make sure all client needs are met.



Years of Service Anniversaries – February

15 Years of Service

Tonya Wagner
Sarah Allen

10 Years of Service

Pam Lankford

5 Years of Service

Wendy Tesnear
Linda Hyder
Desiree Lane

January, 2023

Frontier Health Gives BIG to the United Way

During a time when giving isnt so easy, especially with prices soaring, Frontier Health employees stepped to the plate. The Frontier Health, United Way campaign raised an impressive $47,254 to help support our communities. This year was the first year we had a United Way Giving Trophy. To earn the trophy, a site/location had to have the highest employee participation given. With 94% of the Frontier Team participating at Frontier Industries Bristol, they took home the trophy and had their name engraved as the first winners!

Teladoc- Available to at No Cost to Covered Team Members

Team Members and their dependents who are covered under the Frontier Health medical plan have coverage to virtual healthcare through Teladoc at NO COST. With this convenient, 24/7, virtual healthcare service, providers with Teladoc can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication for a wide variety of healthcare issues. Talk about a great alternative to urgent care or the doctors office when youre sick and its not an emergency!

You can register your account by logging into the BCBSTN app, visiting, or calling 1-800-TELADOC. The first time you use Teladoc, you will create an account by filling out a short medical history questionnaire and providing Teladoc with the information on your insurance card. You will then request a visit and within minutes, youll be speaking with a US Board-Certified Physician virtually or by telephone.

Questions and Answers

Who can use this benefit?

Anyone who is covered under the Frontier Health medical plan. This includes Team Members and covered family members.

Can I see my PCP through Teladoc?

No, but rest assured that you will be treated by a Board-Certified Physician.

Does this mean I cannot use my PCP for telehealth appointments?

You can still use your PCPs telehealth platform if they offer this (many do), but you will be responsible for paying your co-pay, co-insurance, or the cost of the visit.

Hancock County Celebrates Google Review Party 

Hancock was one of four recipients of a pizza party from the Google Review project for increasing the reviews left on their Google listing. The Google project is significant as it reflects that we are an active business and will recommend us to those seeking help. In addition, it will help increase our outreach, allowing more individuals who need the service to receive it. The Google Project will be an ongoing project, as we must constantly show Google we are an active facility.

Please know winners were not chosen because of rating increases but rather how many new reviews were obtained. We always look to improve, and honest feedback is much appreciated.

Corporate Celebrates Sherlock Holmes Birthday with a week long murder mystery event.

The Sherlock Holmes murder mystery event provided clues daily to eliminate possible corporate team member suspects. Some of the clues are very obscure, and at one point, the murder weapon was thought to be a hitchhiking squirrel lamp. Finally, after many days of clues, the suspected killer was apprehended by Ballarie Knight. The killer, Garrin Mull was drug to the basement, and he was last heard saying, “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!”  Ballarie was rewarded with the chocolate version of the YWCA award Kristie Hammonds won last year, don’t worry, Ballarie, the chocolate should still be fresh, well, we think.

Dad Joke

Years of Service Anniversaries – January

25 Years of Service

Sheri Bradley

10 Years of Service

Tonya Abbott
Randall Weaver

5 Years of Service

Alex Hamm
Cynthis Hampton
Jennifer Love
Jennifer Seals
Tiffany Erwin

Caught Being Extraordinary – January

Joshua Herron from Holston Children & Youthwas caught showing teamwork by filling in for another coworker who was sick for Children in the Middle.



Angie Taylor from Nolachuckeywas caught showing teamwork. She did this by stepping up in many ways to help clinicians while completing work at home by sending items through email that the clinician did not have access to, helping keep stress levels down.  



Alysia Edgar from Lee County was caught demonstrating Service Excellence, Quality of Care, and Teamwork for doing a great job in the front office, rescheduling clients, and being friendly.



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