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July, 2022

Health Care Horoes Winners

This year Frontier Health nominated four individuals who stand out as leaders that embody the essence of being a Healthcare Hero for this year’s Business Journals Healthcare Heroes Awards. We are excited to announce that all four nominations, Brittany Mitchell, Debbie Moore, Vonda Wagner, and Melissa Birdwell, were honored as Health Care Heroes, with Melissa being honored with the Cup of Kindness! Please join us in congratulating these amazing Healthcare Heroes.

“I help problem solve and meet each individual where they are to make sure their needs are met. I enjoy piloting new programs/ideas to help us expand our services. I help link caregivers to services and resources to help increase their knowledge and support. I have been able to form relationships with long-term clients, and they feel comfortable reaching out to me with any questions or concerns. It is my goal to be sure that my team feels comfortable coming to me to share their ideas and provide feedback on ways to improve processes.” Brittany Mitchell

“My foremost motivation is and will always be the well-being of my clients. Ongoing sobriety and stability is often elusive for the individuals we serve; therefore being involved in helping them achieve success and recovery is highly rewarding. My goal is to finish well and to leave the agency and community better than I found it.” – Debbie Moore

“It is easy to be motivated when your job matches your passion, interests, and values. I take a great amount of pride and enthusiasm in this work. My job is challenging, exciting, and rewarding. The amazing team at Frontier Health intensifies my drive and passion, a team just as motivated and passionate about the individuals we serve and our work. I stay motivated because all the passion and energy within me is put into this work and my desire to help others make a better life for themselves. I have the privilege of being with people at some of the best and worst times. Seeing the transformation is the best part. I can’t help but find myself in awe of the human spirit and the journey of recovery. I consider myself so fortunate to wake up and feel the passion in my work with people in such intricate depth. I am motivated because I firmly believe in everything I do. My heart is in this work.” – Vonda Wagner

“My professor in graduate school said, “just because you have a master’s degree does not mean you have mastered anything.” He was correct. I want always to be learning and growing. I enjoy learning new methods for helping those individuals we serve. I love seeing them make progress and tap into the potential they all have inside. I also love helping staff and interns to learn and reach their goals. I have worked long enough to see people I hired and supervise now be in leadership roles themselves.” – Melissa Birdwell

Corporate Celebrates National Hot Dog Day!

On July 20th, the Corporate Office celebrated one of the most important National Days ever conceived, that’s right, National Hot Dog Day. National Hot Dog Day is a day to reflect on memories of good times gone by. Do you remember the first time you had a hot dog? Wasn’t it magical? National Hot Dog Day was nothing short of astounding; the only thing that could have made it better would have been if everyone broke out in song singing “Take me out to the ballpark.”




Human Resources Team Build Off Of Shark Week

You might be asking yourself why is team building important? And you probably didn’t catch the part about Shark week, you know it’s just the biggest week of the year. Team building can create a sense of belonging, reduce employee burnout and it can help you become best friends, just ask Brendon and Dale (If you haven’t seen the movie Step Brothers, this joke just went way over your head). During Shark week, HR took the time to reflect on becoming one with the shark, they even got to pick what type of shark they would be. I know Jamie’s was Bull Shark, because they can swim in salt water and plain old normal water like the Mississippi River, they can basically go everywhere (Didn’t know you were gonna get a shark fact did you?).

Ron, Director of HR, planned something special each day, including a kickoff with matching shirts. Each day was themed and it had some type of sweet treat. Let’s be honest here, it was a creative out of box idea that was actually fun and engaged his team. Did they become best friends? Well, Ron and Chuck were building bunk beds with the maintenance guys tools, so it seems it may of worked (I did it again! 2 step brothers moments in one post). That’s a lot of room for activities! (That’s 3!)

Lee Co. School Based Services Back to School Bash

Lee County Behavioral Health school-based staff joined the Back to School Bash hosted by the Lee County Career & Technical Center on July 28th for all Lee County Public School students. Lee County Behavioral Health Services offered students free face painting, corn hole, and water balloon toss at the event, where staff educated the community about the current school-based services. In addition, students received free haircuts, school supplies, medical screenings, and snacks from other community partners at the event.




Nolachucky Holds Admin Appreciation Lunch

Nolachucky-Holston Area Mental Health in Greenville, TN, held a special taco lunch for Admin Appreciation. They also gathered for a group photo to highlight their admin team.




HIPPA Hippo – Password Sharing

For this month’s HIPAA update, I want to go over the risks of Password Sharing. As is stated in IM 102, “Forced user login with password exists on all workstations.” This helps our team know who is logged in at any given time and that only those with active employee accounts can access our network and potentially any electronically protected health information (ePHI). This ensures we remain HIPAA compliant as to our standard operating procedure. If everyone ensures their login information remains confidential, the likelihood of a breach is lessened. Policy IM 302 makes Frontier Health’s stance on Password Sharing very clear, it is prohibited, and if it is discovered, that account will immediately be locked. The staff will be disciplined based on severity. What a few may not know is that any storing of that Password electronically or writing passwords down also violates this policy. We have seen an increase in the number of laptops turned in with passwords and login information taped directly to the device. This is a serious security concern and a major policy violation.

This is especially important in the use of our electronic medical records. Individual logins track all actions within TIER. Occasionally there is a reason to pull TIER activity on a specific account. This gives us the names of the respective users that have accessed a specific record. If Staff Member 1 has shared their Password with Staff Member 2 and Staff Member 2 uses that login to access ePHI inappropriately, it will be Staff Member 1 that shows as the violating party. These actions can lead to Staff Member 1’s immediate termination and potential civil penalties laid out in HIPAA regulations. We are committed to ensuring patient confidentiality, so please keep your passwords secure and private.


Years of Service Anniversaries – July

30 Years of Service

Phinetta Smith

25 Years of Service

Deborah Gobble

15 Years of Service

Jessica Bellefant
Melissa Murray
Lora Tipton

10 Years of Service

Latonia Collie

Bad Dad Joke

Caught Being Extraordinary – June

Tammie Gross from Sullivan House was caught being extraordinary.  “Tammie worked tirelessly to find free dental work for client in need. She shows others what can be achieved with services excellence!”



Amy Dixon from Scott County Behavioral Health was caught being extraordinary.  “Amy volunteered for extra cases when her team was reduced. She stepped up to cover other duties. She is always searching for resources for children.”



Holly Coleman for Frontier Industries Bristol was caught being extraordinary.  “Holly was being flexible and assisting with providing coverage while under staffed.”



June, 2022

Recovery Prom

Feeling nostalgic? Victory Center and Friendship Connection of Kingsport joined in a prom-themed celebration to honor their members in recovery. Members even took part in decorating and setting up the space. The event included a live DJ, dancing, karaoke, games, and other social activities.

Throughout the event, many members overcame social fears by singing karaoke or dancing for the first time, meeting new friends, connecting in leisure, and practicing socialization skills. Members were encouraged to come dressed in the best clothes that they had available. Some members described the event as a “self-esteem and confidence booster” because they arrived looking sharp and could accomplish new things to overcome social anxiety. The day was full of laughter and smiles, and we helped members celebrate moving forward in their recovery.


New Manager of Credentialing and Contracting

Cristi Blalock will be taking on the new role as the Manager of Credentialing and Contracting. Cristi has been with Frontier Health for over ten years. Cristi started her Frontier Health journey at Watauga Behavioral Health, operating the switchboard on the adult services floor. In 2014, Cristi became the Employment Services Team Leader for IPS Employment Services and later became the Employment Services Coordinator. Cristi has spent the last 8 1/2 years growing the employment services program across the Tennessee region. Cristi will be at Corporate, working with the Operations and Finance teams in her new role. In addition, Cristi will have oversight of Frontier’s internal and external credentialing and enrollment processes. She will also manage new and existing payer relationships as well as working with leadership to negotiate contracts.

New Employment Services Coordinator

Victory Center – Johnson City, would like to welcome Amanda Carr as the new Employment Services Coordinator! Amanda has been at Frontier Health for eight years, serving in multiple capacities. Amanda has a year of leadership experience on the IPS Employment team and years of leadership experience outside of our agency. We are excited to have her in this new leadership role. 

Eastman Chemical Co. Day of Caring at Frontier Industries – Kingsport

On Thursday, June 23, a swarm of volunteers from the Maintenance Division of Eastman Chemical Company descended upon Frontier Industries-Kingsport (FIK). The sixteen volunteers were part of the United Way Greater Kingsport Day of Caring. This event has been an annual tradition for years at FIK.

All of the projects were outside this year, so volunteers arrived early before the sizzling heat of the day hit. Volunteers breathed new life into some aging picnic tables with new boards. Next, they took care of a safety issue by rerouting water in a gutter so the water exiting wouldn’t freeze in the winter. They pruned the shrubs in front of the building so the front desk staff could see people coming and going at the main entrance. Old mulch was spiced up with new mulch in the front, and some bright, cheery marigolds were added to the dull flower containers. Last, they shined up some old shelves with a new coat of paint.

A big thank you goes to Robert York and his Eastman volunteer crew, as well as the FIK project leaders for the day: Jenasis Declouet, Sherry Declouet, Travis Garr, and Donald Austin. A thank you to Taylor Neece, who did some leg work for the shelving project.

When the Eastman volunteers were leaving at the end of the day, they were already planning for next year, and everyone at FIK is looking forward to it!




Regional Mental Health Disaster Coalition

Victory Center (VCJC) attended the quarterly Regional Mental Health Disaster Coalition held at Turning Point earlier this month. The Resource Fair was a “snack and learn” event where mental health resources in our area were discussed. Updates on Mental Health First Aid and the State Disaster Strike Team were also provided.  Discussion on how to respond to mental health crisis situations was very interactive. Those in attendance were Lindsay Young-CCDHH, Kyler Tyree-Psychosocial Services Coordinator, and Tavia Sillmon- Supported Employment Team Leader.




Watauga Celebrates Spirit Day

Watauga Behavioral Health celebrated Spirit Day at Greenwood Challenge on June 17. They enjoyed a delicious taco bar while spending time together in nature and had the opportunity to climb over 70 feet on the Vertical Challenge Course.




euNoia – A Well Mind Concert is BACK!

The Frontier Health Foundation invites you to be a part of our 2nd Annual euNoia Concert Event this August 13th, 2022! We can’t wait to bring our communities together again to celebrate, have some fun, and support Frontier’s underfunded programs and services. We want to come together again as one big community to raise $200,000 to support this year’s targeted top priority Frontier Health program and service. This year our focus is all about the children in our area! So many children have been affected by the trauma of abuse, neglect, poverty, the pandemic and substance abuse and need mental health support for themselves and their families.

Who’s Coming to euNoia?

We are excited to announce that the winner of the 11th season of Fox’s American Idol, singer Phillip Phillips joins this year’s euNoia Concert as our Headliner! Increasingly known for his high-energy live shows, Phillips has also toured with John Mayer, shared the stage with The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen at the Rock in Rio festival, and supported the Goo Goo Dolls’ summer 2017 national summer tour. In the United States, Phillips has sold 7.5 million digital singles and has sold 2.7 million albums. He has over 600 million streams on Spotify and 1.2 billion streams on Pandora.


Lauren Davidson opens the show Bringing her New York City vibes with the rich tones of Contemporary Country Music, CMA Artist & Grammy Recording Academy Member, Lauren Davidson takes the Cumberland Stage as support for Phillip Phillips at this year’s euNoia a well mind Concert! She has made countless radio appearances, played shows with Old Dominion, Carly Pearce, Russell Dickerson, Maddie & Tae, Michael Ray, and most recently Country Music Legend, Willie Nelson. She also performed at the creme of New York venues, Madison Square Garden, as part of PBR’s Sold Out “Unleash the Beast” tour.

Get Your Tickets!

This year we are offering our employees a special discount of 50% off up to 4 tickets per household! Kids 3 and under are FREE! Stay TUNED for tickets to go on sale May13th and the employee discount promo code coming Friday morning!

euNoia 4 Kids is NEW!

This year we will be partnering with Frontier Health’s Child and Youth Services to bring a new FREE event we are calling euNoia 4 Kids. It will be a festive approach to the typical health fair, and through the theme of music will offer a variety of children’s activities including games, crafts, and much more! We are also partnering with the Scars Foundation to bring the Grace Notes Project to life for the families at the event. The Project uses music to help children and families to see the connection to and expression of emotions through music. It will take place prior to the larger concert.

Employee Discounted Tickets

Tickets for employees are discounted to $20 while tickets last! Once you click the link, just go to purchase the tickets like normal and you will see the discount applied.

Employee Tickets:

Bad Dad Joke

Years of Service Anniversaries – June

35 Years of Service

Jill White

30 Years of Service

Nicole Riddle

Doug Cogburn

20 Years of Service

Nancy Gardner

10 Years of Service

Michael Lilly
Donnie McClellan
Isaac Martin Jr

5 Years of Service

Jason Parcell
Teddy Brickey
Rachel Parsons
Ashely Bynum
Lisa Gantt
Jessica Barry

Caught Being Extraordinary – June

Hannah McNew from Scott County Behavioral Health was caught being extraordinary.  “Exhibiting Service Excellence, Teamwork, Quality of Care and Customer Service. “Families love her. She’s passionate about the children she serves and helps all other staff with ideas about how to serve better.”



Mary Conner from Holston Counseling was caught being extraordinary.  “Being an all-around special associate. Mary is a delight to work with and is always willing to help out when asked or needed.”



Lindsay Young from Communication Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing was caught being extraordinary.  “By showing Teamwork, Efficiency, Leadership and Customer Service. She did this by “being willing to help team to provide interpreting to deaf client in the hospital on a Saturday”



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