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April, 2024

Church Street Brightens The Block

The Church Street Pavilion has partnered with the Tennessee Arts Commission and the Greene County Partnership to introduce a new piece of art to the Greene County Mural Trail. The mural, painted by Samantha Culbertson, a former art major and student from East Tennessee State University (ETSU), aims to spread joy and positivity while highlighting the importance of mental health.

The mural trail, including various artworks throughout Greene County, has become a beloved attraction for residents and visitors. The addition of Culbertson’s mural enriches the trail and aligns with its mission to celebrate local talent and inspire the community.

Plans for the mural trail include expanding the retaining wall with more beautiful and thought-provoking art. The Church Street Pavilion, in collaboration with its partners, hopes to continue this initiative and encourage more artists to contribute their work.

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Frontier Health Presents at the Kingsport Chamber Breakfast

This past April, Eastman Credit Union invited Frontier Health to present at the Kingsport Chamber Breakfast at the Meadowview Convention Center. Kristie Hammonds and Kaylee Murphy represented Frontier Health, highlighting its services and commitment to the Kingsport community’s well-being. They discussed programs ranging from mental health support to substance abuse treatment. The event provided an excellent opportunity for networking and exploring collaboration. The invitation underscored the strong relationship between local businesses and community service providers, aiming to create a healthier, more supportive environment for Kingsport.

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Kid Power 2024

Kid Power 2024 was a resounding success! Held at the Kingsport Civic Auditorium, the event offered kids a day of fun, learning, and community spirit. Highlights included engaging activities, a scavenger hunt, and free food like hot dogs, chips, bananas, and cotton candy. Hourly door prizes added to the excitement. The event’s success showcased the dedication of organizers, volunteers, and sponsors, emphasizing the importance of community events in fostering connections and creating lasting memories.

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Virginia Region III Executive Directors and DBHDS Pay Visit to the 988 Call Center

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) and Region III Executive Directors recently visited the 988 Call Center at Turning Point. This visit was essential in fostering collaboration and enhancing mental health support services in the community.

During their visit, DBHDS representatives toured the call center, gaining a firsthand understanding of its operations and its vital role in crisis intervention. They also engaged in meaningful discussions with Frontier Health leadership and call center representatives, exploring ways to improve and expand services.

Frontier Health leaders highlighted the 988 Call Center as a critical community resource. The center provides immediate assistance to individuals experiencing mental health crises, connecting them with appropriate care and support.

HOPE for TN Spring Cleaning Drive

HOPE for TN extends a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the Spring Cleaning Drive! Your generous contributions will help over sixty clients, significantly impacting their lives.

The drive gathered boxes of personal hygiene supplies from facilities all over Frontier Health. These essential items, including soap, shampoo, and toothpaste, are crucial for many individuals who rely on HOPE for TN’s services.

This successful initiative demonstrates the incredible compassion and support of our community. HOPE for TN is committed to continuing its mission of providing resources and assistance to those in need, with more drives and projects planned for the future.

Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed. Your kindness and generosity make a significant difference in the lives of many.

From Kaylee to Scott – Happy Retirement!

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As the sun is setting on Scott Hollenbeck’s illustrious career, his colleagues gather together to celebrate the man who had been a beacon of guidance and compassion for over three decades. At the Hawkins, Hancock, and Nolachuckey sites where he has called the last 21 years his home away from home, the staff are overcome with memories and laughter, recalling how he called them all his kids.” They have shared stories of Scott’s unwavering dedication to his profession and the countless lives he has touched.

“Scott isn’t just a therapist; he’s a friend, a mentor, and a pillar of support for so many of us,” remarked one of his colleagues, her eyes misty with emotion. “He’s the kind of leader who leads not with authority, but with empathy and understanding.”

Another colleague chimed in, recalling how Scott had helped them navigate the complexities of their profession with grace and wisdom. “Scott has always had a way of seeing the best in people, even when they couldn’t see it in themselves. He believed in us when no one else did, and that made all the difference.”

In any room with staff who have worked with him in any capacity, it is always filled with gratitude for Scott’s contributions, not just to the field of mental health, but to each person he encountered along the way. From his gentle guidance to his infectious sense of humor, Scott has left a lasting mark on all who have known and worked with him.

And as the final scene closes on Scotts retirement, it is our hope that he reflects on the journey that has brought him to this moment. He may be stepping away from his role as a therapist and mentor, but his legacy of compassion and empathy will continue to inspire those he has touched for years to come. – Kaylee Murphy

Victory Center Johnson City Celebrates Earth Day

The Victory Center in Johnson City recently hosted a lively Earth Day event, promoting environmental awareness and community spirit. Program supervisor Jon Barrett grilled hot dogs while the employment team served food to create a welcoming atmosphere. Members enjoyed making birdseed ornaments and stained glass sun catchers. The event brought everyone together for a fun and environmental stewardship day.

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Benefit Education Series: Introduction and Self-Funding

Understanding benefits is something that many of us only think about once a year during Open Enrollment, but all the information can be overwhelming.  We have produced an in-house video series called Benefits Facts, Tips, & Tricks that will be sent out on a monthly basis about a specific area. Dont worry, these are short videos that you can watch in between seeing clients and have a lot of practical information that will help you be able to fully utilize your benefits and hopefully save you some money on your healthcare spending.

In the first video, Matt, our Benefits Administrator, tells us what it means to have a self-funded medical and pharmacy plan and why that matters for us all. Check out the video for more details, but by finding high-quality, cost-effective care, you will be doing your part to keep healthcare costs down. If the healthcare costs are lower for the entire organization, this can help offset higher premium costs for all of us down the road.

Work Anniversaries

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