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October, 2022

Frontier Health’s Bad Weather Alert System

It’s that time of year when you wait patiently by your phone at 7 a.m. and say, dang it, Josh, are we closed? Unfortunately, bad weather can be very unpredictable, and you need to be informed of when we are closing, delaying, or pushing forward. Our text alert system is broken up by State, so there are two different sign-ups for Frontier Health Team Members. In addition, there are two other locations you can check for updates; the First is our website at the orange ticker on the top of the page. This is updated minutes after a text goes up, so it is a very reliable source to check. The second source is our Facebook page; this gets updated just after the orange ticker. On top of all of these locations we update, we also send it to the news and radio stations, but I would rely on the first options as the best sources.

When you sign up for the weather alert system, please only sign up for the region you belong to.

TENNESSEE Team Members:
Sign up link link via email:

Sign up via text:

Invite via Mobile Opt In (subscribers send a text message with the keyword below to 84483)

Text FRONTIERHEALTH to 84483 to receive alerts from Frontier Health.

Text FHWEATHER to 84483 to receive Frontier Health alerts from Frontier Health.  

Text HELP for help. Text STOP to cancel alerts at any time.For customer support contact or 800-230-1933. Msg&data rates may apply

Virginia Team Members:

SCOTT Co: To enroll, text SCOTTUPDATES to 84483.  That is all there is.  To opt out, text STOP to 84483.  Normal message rates for you apply.  Addington Hall and IU are not included in this group and handle their alterations independently.

LEE Co: To enroll, text LEEUPDATES to 84483.  That is all there is.  To opt out, text STOP to 84483.  Normal message rates for you apply.

WISE Co: To enroll, text WISEUPDATES to 84483.  That is all there is.  To opt out, text STOP to 84483.  Normal message rates for you apply.

Halloween Across Frontier Health

This Halloween, Frontier Health team members dressed up from everything from Jack Sparrow to stray cats to the whole cast of Toy Story to Sanderson Sisters to more Sanderson Sisters, oh, and Sanderson Sisters. Some costumes were really detailed, and we thought out, and some were, well, costumes, I guess; either way, everyone had fun and enjoyed the day! Check out everyone’s outfits; my favorite was the inflatable giraffe costume!





TN Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Frontier Health’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) programs have made many advancements over the years to meet better the needs of the individuals we serve. Better known as the Victory Center, the inspiring educational environment has repeatedly encouraged individuals to take charge of their overall wellness and become empowered to get where they want to be.

Victory Center in Greeneville has demonstrated much success recently. Over the past two months, seven members have obtained employment! Another individual made it past her initial 90 days at work, a first for her, resulting in a positive evaluation and pay raise. And one more is transitioning to peer support for maintenance care!

What are we doing at the psychosocial programs to make this happen?

Helping individuals establish healthy routines, develop healthy supports, gain self-acceptance, develop/practice coping skills, set and execute daily action plans towards goal achievement, and much more.

From a lack of motivation and community to frequent hospitalizations, psychosocial rehabilitation is an invaluable tool at Frontier Health by bringing self-fulfillment, meaning, connection, and purpose to those we serve. 

Erwin Extends Their Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation services have officially transitioned to extending their program at Erwin Behavioral Health Services. October 5th was the official kickoff date, and the program has continued to run every Wednesday in Erwin. The groups have been focusing on taking control of their recovery through developing independent living and communication skills.
Psychosocial Rehabilitation exists to help individuals address symptoms and struggles related to mental health issues and/or addiction. It’s gratifying to see Unicoi individuals have the opportunity to find hope and become empowered to take charge of their overall wellness!


No Carve Pumpkin Contest

Wise County Behavioral Health held a “no carve” pumpkin contest for Halloween by departments.

Admin: Swan
Recovery: Abstract Painting
SA Side: Swan
MH Side: Great Pumpkin Charley Brown

Even though everyone did a great job, there could only be one winner, and the winner was the swan by the SA Side.






A Million Reasons Why

The Frontier Health Foundation launched a new annual campaign called, “A Million Reasons Why” that started October 17th and will run up until this year’s #GivingTuesday, November 29th. We would love support from all of you to help us reach our goal of raising $50,000. If you would like to help, then our campaign has two ways you can give back! Do you love getting involved and inspiring others? Then become “A Million Reasons Why” Team Leader. As a team leader you will use your personal social media account to help us crowdfund. You can reach out to your personal network to reach people we may not know and multiply our efforts to make a huge difference! You can create your team page by clicking the Create A Team button in the link and get your page set up. Then build your team by inviting friends, coworkers and family to join your team. Your entire team can share your team page on their social media pages and share their reasons to give and invite their friends to help.

The second way is to give by direct donation with a one-time gift. If this is more your speed, then click the “A Million Reasons Why” button in the link and you can give whatever fits your budget! The Frontier Health Foundation invites you to team up with us and help save a daughter contemplating suicide, a father unable to stop drinking, a veteran that can’t stop crying, a child with depression failing in school, a devoted nurse with panic attacks every day or a mother and her children escaping abuse. These are just a few of the countless lives your support will impact! There really are “A Million Reasons Why” this work needs you to help us change lives across Northeast TN and Southwest VA!




Our Logo Gets A New Look!

Thank you to our very own, Bekah Stevens for helping us with creating a new twist on the current Foundation logo. It was important for the Foundation to create a way to show that we support Frontier Health, but we are a whole separate organization. We love the new look and will adding it to an upcoming website update so stay tuned.

Dad Joke

Years of Service Anniversaries – September

30 Years of Service

Kimberly Trantham

20 Years of Service

Erika Austin

15 Years of Service

Melisa Sloan
Rita Ryans

10 Years of Service

Joey Smith

5 Years of Service

Alexandria Mullins
Randall Russell
Marcus Honeycutt

Caught Being Extraordinary – October

Amy Mullins from Nolachuckey was caught being extraordinary. She did this by being so supportive during my recent illness. She transported me to the hospital, assisted with my clients and aided with transportation for others. She went far above the call of duty.



Rhonda Muncy from Scott County was caught for teamwork and Quality of Care. She did this by always being uplifting and encouraging. Good collaboration with all team members to ensure needs are meet of families.



Lisa Rasnic from Lee County caught being extraordinary by demonstrating service excellence, teamwork, quality of care, and efficiency by covering at different sites and willing to help when needed.



September, 2022

New Trade Show Displays for Events

Frontier Health has purchased three large displays and four tabletop displays for job fairs, events, and shows. We have also purchased two 10 x 10 Frontier Health tents for outdoor events. We have also updated how these items are checked out. These items are no longer reserved through the Purchasing Department; you will now be reserving them through the Marketing Department. Unfortunately, we have had issues with items not being returned, lost, and damaged. We now have a form that will be required to be filled out and signed; this way, if items are not returned, lost, or damaged, we can replace them promptly. If you want to inquire about using these items or the form, please reach out to Josh Moore at






New C&Y Coordinator for Nolachuckey, Hawkins County, and Hancock County C&Y Programs

Congratulations to Emily Trentham who has accepted the position of C&Y Coordinator for Nolachuckey-Holston, Hawkins County, and Hancock County C&Y programs. Emily is a graduate of ETSU’s Department of Social work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Before joining the Frontier Health team, Emily worked as a Regional Coordinator for Omni Visions in Greeneville and as a Childcare Worker for Holston Home for Children, also in Greeneville. She has an extended 9-year history with Frontier, starting as a residential tech at Link House, then as a case manager, and more recently, filling a C&Y therapist role at Nolachuckey. She has expanded her clinical therapy skills by learning several evidence-based treatment modalities and is now a PCIT Level 1 trainer for Frontier Health. In addition, she is actively involved in her church and community activities such as t-ball. We are excited for her to start a new role with us and hope to continue to watch her grow.




Nurturing Father’s Graduation

Frontier Health held its first Nurturing Father’s graduation at the Day Reporting Center in Johnson City on Oct. 4, 2022. The program duration is 13 weeks, and we are excited to share that 12 men completed the program. At the graduation, they discussed how they could see different ways to be a father in a healthy, loving way. One man spoke about how he didn’t feel the program would benefit him since he was not a father currently, but after going through the program, he said he felt like he was better prepared to be a father now. The program was possible due to a Community Health Improvement partnership between Ballad Health and Frontier Health. Ashley Sidebottom, a Nurturing Parenting facilitator, taught the program.




Direct Support Professionals Week in TN

September 11-17 was Direct Support Professionals Week in TN and Frontier Industries in Kingsport and Bristol celebrated with cake and ice cream at each location.

Pic 1 – FIB:
Front L-R: Stephanie Terry-Hodges, Holly Coleman, Brittany Fox, Gregg Denton
Back L-R: Louisa Falin, Nick Elkins. Not pictured: Pam Houser

Pic 2 – FIK:
Front L-R: Nikki Stanley, Kris Ferraro, Cassidy Jones
Back L-R: Marilyn Dockery, Consorce Kamugwera, Travis Garr, Sherry Declouet, Jenasis Declouet-Wooden. Not pictured: Crystale Garr





Employee Assistance Benefit

Frontier Health has increased the number of sessions for our Employee Assistance Benefit. The traditional benefit has always been six counseling sessions a calendar year for employees and their dependents. Feedback from the last employee survey indicated team members wanted more wellness opportunities. It made sense to increase the EAP sessions to ten. This increase goes into effect immediately, and it will be a permanent change to the benefit.

If you are interested in the Employee Assistance Program, we have both the process and the contracted providers posted on the FH intranet page. Just click on “Benefits,” and it will take you to a page that lists Employee Assistance Program, with two links underneath it–process and providers. Please read the process first, which tells you what the benefit covers and how to access it. Next, the provider link will list out, by city, who is contracted with us to provide this service. We are constantly working on adding new providers to this list.



The Little Boy and The Tiny Yellow Kitten

Stephanie Terry-Hodges at Frontier Industries in Bristol and her mom published a story about her son and his yellow cat. Stephanie’s son suffered from anxiety, and to help him with his anxiety, he had an emotional support animal, a yellow cat. The book is about actual events between her son and his furry friend. She wrote the events down, and with the help of her mom, they published this book. As a result, Stephanie’s son now has a job, thanks to the help of his employment specialist, Lisa.



Services Promoted at the Elizabethton Senior Center

Angie Williams and Nikki Anderson set up at the Elizabethton Senior Center to promote services offered at Frontier Health.





Championship Games

Peer Wellness Coaches Deven Hazelwood and Julie Fann organized an event for our psychosocial rehabilitation and peer support services. The event, Championship Games, promotes overall wellness, physical activity, and teamwork – in addition to the healthy competition! In preparation for the event, each psychosocial and peer support program created a team banner representing their center and the theme, “Back To Wellness.” Dudes and dudettes were encouraged to rock some totally tubular 80’s attire to fit the theme. In addition, the event featured some traditional adult field day activities, movement activities for people with physical limitations, and even some “brain” activities, i.e., Wellness Trivia.

First, second, and third-place certificates were awarded in each event. Two special awards were given to centers with the “Best Banner” and “Best Team Spirit.” Best Banner went to the psychosocial program (Victory Center) in Kingsport, and Best Team Spirit went to Friendship House Peer Support Center in Johnson City. Everyone attending the event had a radical time!




Dad Joke

Years of Service Anniversaries – September

30 Years of Service

Tina Giles

25 Years of Service

Robert Sutherland

15 Years of Service

Jodie Lamb

10 Years of Service

Brenda Ford

5 Years of Service

Kayla Hastie
Crystal Davis
Brianna Werder
Stephanie Terry-Hodges
Jonathan Bednar
Catherine Horton

Caught Being Extraordinary – September

Gio Vassallo from Johnson County was caught going above and beyond for her clients. They are all lucky to have her for a case manager and we are lucky to have her as a co-worker.



Sharon Fillers from Holston Counseling was caught being an exceptional associate, always bringing laughter and joy to the office every day. She goes above and beyond with clients, helping them in any way she can. She is always willing to jump in and help when coverage is light.



Caleb Ray from Scott County was caught being extraordinary by valuing Service Excellence, Quality of Care and Efficiency. Caleb pays close attention to the needs of the site and he always goes above and beyond to help out at different locations.



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