Media & Public Relations
All media professionals must contact the Communications & Public Relations department before calling locations, speaking with Frontier Health employees or visiting our facilities.
(423) 467-3600
Frontier Health
P.O. Box 9054
Gray TN 37615
office hours
Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

Media Inquiries

For your security, please do not use email to share personal information, health information, Social Security numbers or credit card numbers. Instead, we recommend you contact your outpatient center and treatment professional directly.
About Frontier Health:

Frontier Health is the region’s leading provider of community behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse, co-occurring, intellectual and developmental disabilities, recovery and vocational rehabilitation services, and has been providing services since 1957.


Frontier Health is the owner of the copyright for its name and logo.

Contact Frontier Health’s Communications Director for permission to use the Frontier Health name or copyrighted logo in any media releases, advertisements, flyers or other public documents. The Frontier Health logo should always appear as shown here. Never attempt to recolor, redraw or rescale the logo or add other graphic elements including borders, rules, shading, symbols, etc. Any unapproved use is a violation of Frontier Health’s copyright.
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