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Imagine being removed from home clutching the few things you can carry. You leave your belongings, your bed and your family behind. Your siblings may go, too, but not always together. You don’t understand why. How could you? Taken from all you know, who will be there to help? Be one of our foster parents who’ve helped more than 1,200 children in the last 20 years.

Open your home and life to a child or youth who is waiting for a foster parent like you.

All children need a loving family and a place to learn and grow. You help not just by providing a warm, loving home but as you help meet their physical, emotional and social needs.

Foster parents are a vital part of our teams. We offer specialized training to qualified foster parents as we help you with raising a special child who is facing out-of-home placement because of abuse or neglect.

Would you be willing to open your heart and home and make a difference in the life of a special child?

Therapeutic Foster Care is available for children in need of a home in Tennessee and Virginia through Frontier Health’s TRACES and VALUES programs. The programs are licensed, child-placing agencies through the Tennessee Department Children’s Services and the Virginia Department of Social Services. The programs work with the placement families through training, guidance, support and links to needed services.

Frontier Health’s two licensed child-placing agencies, TRACES and VALUES, will work with you to help a child in need of a home as they provide you with the tools you need including training, guidance, support and links to other needed services.


Therapeutic Foster Care in TN


Therapeutic Foster Care in VA

TRACES and VALUES offer you support to help the children and youth that you provide a home to build a healthy self-esteem, good impulse control, a respect for others, appropriate social skills, healthy moral character, improve behavioral skills, problem-solving and independent living skills.

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