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TRACES Foster Care serves children and teens up to age 18 years old that are in state’s custody due to abuse or neglect and those who have behavioral or emotional problems. Becoming a foster parent means making a commitment to a child that you will be there for them until they are able to return to a parent, a relative, become independent or be adopted.

Foster Parents help these special children meet specific individual goals while living in their home.

Working with a child to develop day-to-day coping skills, problem-solving skills, developing healthy relationships, building self-esteem and developing independent living skills are just a few ways a foster parent can impact a child’s life.

Though the process may not always be easy, making the difference in the life of a child can be one of life’s most rewarding gifts. Foster parents can teach a child to learn to trust and hope again through building meaningful relationships with caring adults.

A Home for a Child

Every child deserves a safe, stable and nurturing home. Becoming a foster parent is a rewarding opportunity that provides true meaning. As a foster parent, you can impact a child’s life by providing for their physical and emotional needs while in a loving, supportive family setting.

TRACES is looking for special families who are willing and open to sharing their homes and hearts with a child who is in need of help.

TRACES Adoption Services

When a child is unable to return to a parent or relative, finding an adoptive home often becomes the goal for the child. TRACES assists in finding loving, dedicated adoptive homes for the children in their program. They work with these families and children through the process of adoption to make the transition as smooth possible for everyone.

Who Can Foster/Adopt?

  • Persons age 21 and older
  • Persons who rent or own
  • Persons who are financially stable
  • Married couples
  • Single parents
  • Families with or without children

Foster Parents are surrounded by a network of support to help along the way—including program staff who are ready and willing to help and clinical support services that are there as needed.

What Support is Available?

Raising a child is never easy. As a foster parent for a child who has different needs, it is important to have support as challenges arise. The TRACES team wants to be support for your dedicated family. TRACES case managers will be in the home to assist a foster family and the child by developing a plan that will make that child successful in achieving their individualized goals. Staff can also provide links to other services that would be beneficial such as individual therapy, family therapy and medication management.

  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Competitive pay
  • Outstanding support by TRACES Case Managers
  • Free Pre-Service Training
  • Ongoing Training
TRACES Foster Care & Adoption


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