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Support groups help address stigma and connect you to people with similar experiences to share resources, medical information and community support. They’re often organized by not-for-profits, health care providers, hospital or physician groups, state agencies or coalitions, and are usually run by members and facilitated with the help of health care professionals.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or faced with a problem, or whether you’re dealing with a long-lasting or chronic illness, support groups help people feel less isolated, gain a sense of control, reduce distress, improve coping skills, learn what to expect and learn how to build or restore relationships.

Frontier Health provides behavioral health continuing education for psychologists, counselors and community professionals including.

Frontier Health is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Frontier Health maintains responsibility for programs and their content. Frontier Health is also an approved educational provider for NAADC #683.

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