Employee Assistance Program
Help for Employees in Crisis: Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Before your employees’ personal and work-related problems affect their jobs, partner with Frontier Health to develop an Employee Assistance Program for employees and their dependent family members.

Comprehensive EAP Services for Every Business

Frontier Health EAP Contracts provide:
  • Support: Compassionate, trained professionals support your employees in their time of need.
  • A starting place to address personal problems before they affect job performance
  • Crisis Intervention: Employees are referred to services when they need help as a result of psychiatric emergencies, traumatic events, suicide prevention and domestic violence.
  • Confidentiality: Frontier Health will maintain strict confidence in compliance with federal and state statutes regarding confidentiality. Unless required by law, no one receiving EAP services will be identified without their written consent.
  • Annual Employee Orientation: Presentations and informational literature
  • Annual Drug Free Workplace Training
  • Customizable number of visits for Outpatient Counseling & Treatment
  • Referral for Continued Services (if needed)
  • On-site critical incident debriefings
  • Behavioral Health Seminars: Includes, Addiction; Coping with Work and Family Stress; Dealing Effectively with Change; Depression; Harassment; Managing Anxiety; Managing Conflict; Stress Management; When a Co-Worker Dies; Working with Difficult People; Workplace Violence
Benefits That Save You Money

Without an effective EAP plan, your business must incur the high costs of every employee termination, including temporary replacement, new recruitment interviews, and any necessary job training. For every $1 invested in a Frontier Health EAP plan, a $3 to $5 loss is avoided. As employee productivity and morale rises, sick time, tardiness, work-related accidents, and worker’s compensation claims fall dramatically.

Become an EAP Partner
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