Mission & Vision
To provide quality services that encourage people to achieve their full potential.
To be a leader in establishing and demonstrating local, regional and national standards of excellence for accessible and high quality behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and vocational services.

People come first, are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to achieve their full potential.


Employees are recognized as our greatest assets.


Service Excellence is our foundation for the quality of care for clients.


Healthier Communities are supported through partnerships and educational programs to promote improvements in the overall quality of life.


Excellence and Efficiency are achieved through integrity, teamwork, leadership, creativity, continuous improvement and a strong work ethic.

Strategic Plan

  1. Develop and implement public relations initiatives which promote Frontier Health name branding, community impact, corporate identity and corporate citizenship.
  2. Streamline best practice models while maintaining standards of excellence in the delivery of behavioral health, intellectual disabilities and vocational rehabilitation services.
  3. Focus on Performance Improvement activities which promote the health and well-being and integrated care of individuals served.
  4. Focus on person centered planning and service delivery and improve community awareness of the benefits of recovery.
  1. Provide relevant training and educational opportunities for staff which promote staff development and excellence in service delivery.
    1. Maintain APA training program
    2. Development of a Trauma-Informed Environment
  2. Promote health and wellness initiatives for staff.
  3. Continuously explore compensation systems which keep Frontier Health competitive and provide advancement opportunities for staff.
  4. Explore local, statewide and national opportunities to recognize excellence among Frontier Health staff.
  5. Foster a corporate culture of pride and excellence.
  1. Develop and maintain relationships with local funding and governmental entities.
  2. Identify new business alliances while expanding partnerships in the new health care environment.
  3. Involve major stakeholders in information related to planning, development and outcomes achieved within Frontier Health.
    1. Continue to implement data based information to demonstrate Frontier Health’s impact in each community served.
  1. Provide timely and reliable monthly financial reports that are easily accessible to program managers
  2. Continue to implement training opportunities for non-financial managers in order to strengthen departmental fiscal planning and accountability.
  3. Maintain and refine system-wide internal fiscal controls and accountability.
  4. Maintain adequate fiduciary funds to be in compliance with various state contracts to ensure adequate reserves to cover operating costs if a delay in payments occurs.
  5. Develop treatment models and business opportunities that are fiscally sound and consistent with the mission of the agency.
  6. Maintain fiscal resources to support program operations, capital improvements and growth opportunities.
  1. Continue to explore opportunities to expand the use of technology to improve efficiencies in processes and services.
  2. Continue the development and implementation of Evidenced Based Practices.
  3. Maintain and utilize benchmarking opportunities.
  4. Utilize reliable outcome measures to ensure program efficacy.
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