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Frontier Health – Turning Point

Business Address
208 E. Unaka Ave.
Johnson City, TN 37601

• Intensive Outpatient Recovery Oriented Services for substance Use Disorder
• Individual, Family and Group Therapy
• Medical Evaluation Referral
• Relapse Education
• Follow-up Services

Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)
The CSU is a 24/7 voluntary program providing a safe and secure environment to those in need of psychiatric stabilization. Adults ( male and female) over the age of 18 are served for 3 to 5 days and offered supportive services. Placement at CSU is voluntary and a joint decision between the person served and the mobile crisis staff completing the assessment.
Services include:
• 24 Hour Nurse and Supportive Staff
• Daily Rounding by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner
• Discharge/Case Management Services
• Co-occurring Group
• Individual Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Safety Planning

Walk-In Center
The Walk-In Center is open 24/7 and available to children and adults ages 7 and above experiencing a non-medical psychiatric or substance misuse emergency. Individuals seeking assistance will receive services which may include:
• Nursing Assessment
• Evaluation by a Qualified Mobile Crisis Professional
• Referral to 23 Hour Observation (Adults)
• Referral to Outpatient Services and Safety Planning
• Psychiatric Hospital • Crisis Stabilization Unit (Adults)
• A&D Medically Monitored Detoxification/Residential Treatment (Adults)

Magnolia Ridge Unit
48 residential treatment beds serving males over the age of 18 with addiction and co- occurring mental health needs. While most referrals are step down from the detox unit, referrals are accepted from all sources. Magnolia Ridge Unit offers a multi disciplinary approach, using evidenced based practices to move individuals toward recovery.
Services include:
• Co- Occurring Mental Health & Addiction Treatment
• Daily Nursing and Physician Availability
• Individual and Group Therapy
• Family Education
• Case Management and Aftercare Planning
* Females are served in residential treatment at Willow Ridge 900 Buffalo Street, Johnson City, Tn.

Assessment & Forensic Services - Johnson City
Assessment & Forensic Services assesses children, adolescents and adults who are self-referred, referred by treatment providers, or referred by other community agencies. Psychological assessments help identify and clarify problem areas in order to determine appropriate diagnoses and recommendations. Referrals are made by local industries, health care providers, legal services, DCS, DHS, law enforcement, emergency agencies, school systems, self referral.
• Diagnostic Evaluations
• Educational Evaluations
• Forensic Evaluations
• Personnel Evaluations
• Other Specialized Evaluations

Community Justice and Recovery Courts
Behavioral Health Liaisons & Recovery Court staff assist individuals in the legal system with mental health needs and/or substance use disorders. The program promotes diversion from jail to meaningful support services and resources in the community.
Services include:
• Communicating with Police Agencies
• Assistance at Court Hearings
• Meetings with Incarcerated Individuals
• Transitioning from Jail to Community
• Working with Families
• Referrals to Treatment
• Training to Law Enforcement Agencies

Detoxification Unit
A 16 bed medically monitored detoxification unit serves adults over the age of 18 in need of detoxification from drugs and or alcohol . 24/7 nursing and close monitoring by a physician or nurse practitioner provides safe and effective treatment. Daily groups and discharge planning are provided to move individuals toward recovery and continued treatment. Residents transition to residential services (Magnolia Ridge Unit or Willow Ridge) or intensive outpatient services. Individuals can self refer to detox and services are voluntary.
Referrals may also include:
• Walk-in Center/Mobile Crisis Staff
• Medical or Psychiatric Hospitals
• Detention Centers/Judges/Courts
• Physicians/Medical Practices
• Outpatient Services

HOPE for Tennessee
Tel: 800-332-7281
Health, Outreach, Prevention & Empowerment: Education/Prevention Services offered to individuals and groups. Information is provided on HIV, STD’s, Hepatitis, Harm Reduction, Abstinence and Condom Use. Services provided to Carter, Greene, Hancock, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington Counties.
Prevention Services
• Education
• Free Confidential HIV Rapid Testing and Counseling
• Free Confidential HCV Rapid Testing and Counseling
• Condom Distribution

Case Management Services
• HIV Case Management
• Nutrition Assistance Services
• Transportation Assistance to Core Medical Appointments.
• Housing Assistance
• Utility Assistance

Juvenile Justice Reform
For questions or referrals, please contact our Program Coordinator at (423) 571-4949 The Juvenile Justice Reform Program (JJR) is a new program
offered by Frontier Health focused on diverting youth from juvenile court involvement, decreasing the rate of out-of-home placements or placements in state’s custody, and increasing connections youth have with their families and communities. The JJR program provides a Behavioral Health Court Liaison in each of the 11 courts with juvenile jurisdiction in the Northeast Region. Behavioral Health Court Liaisons will provide evidence based assessments and immediate access to behavioral health services. Referrals can come from various sources, including directly from the court. If a youth is assessed as being at risk for out-of-home placement, the youth and family will be able to access FIRST (Family In-Home Resiliency and Stabilization Team). Each team, consisting of a therapist and care manager, will provide intensive in-home therapy and care management utilizing Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy (MDFT).

Tennessee Crisis Services
24/7 suicide/crisis hotline and mobile crisis services are available to children and adults of all ages experiencing a psychiatric, substance abuse or co-occurring emergency. Referrals are accepted from all sources including families, friends, hospital emergency departments, primary care offices, schools, courts, or self referrals. Qualified behavioral health professionals provide an assessment and refer individuals to the most appropriate level of care, which may include:

• Outpatient Services with Comprehensive Safety Planning
• Psychiatric Hospitalization
• Crisis Stabilization Unit ( CSU)
• 23 Hour Observation
• A&D Medically Monitored Detoxification/Residential Treatment

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