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euNoia for Kids

Jul 20, 2022 | News

Frontier Health and the Frontier Health Foundation are excited to announce that we will host a new youth event before our euNoia concert on August 13th this year at Cumberland Square Park in Bristol, VA – the euNoia for Kids. euNoia for Kids will be a two-hour event, beginning at 3pm and ending at 5pm. It is an entirely free event for children, youth, and their families which promotes children’s mental health and well-being in our region. In addition, with the theme of music and through partnership with many community organizations, it will offer a variety of children’s activities, including games, crafts, door prizes, resources, face painting, and much more! Door prizes include Bristol Caverns tickets, Kil’n Time studio gift certificate, Hands on Museum Tickets, Just Jump tickets and more.

We are also partnering with the Scars Foundation to bring the Grace Notes Project to life for the families at the event. The Grace Notes Project uses music to help children and families to see the connection to and expression of emotions through music. The children’s event is free to all children and their families, and will take place before the euNoia benefit concert (euNoia benefit concert is a separate ticketed event).

“The ongoing stress, fear, and loss created by the past two and half years of the COVID-19 pandemic has created many mental health challenges for the children and families in our region. Many are still having difficulties coping emotionally with the anxiety from the disruptions to our daily lives that were caused by this public health threat. This euNoia (a well mind) event for kids will allow families to get together with other families, enjoy some fun activities, listen to some great entertainment, and feel a sense of normalcy.” – Tim Perry, Sr. VP of Children’s Services

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