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Apr 17, 2023 | News

Frontier Health, in partnership with Planning District One Behavioral Services, is excited to announce the opening of its new high-intensity behavioral health facility in Norton, VA. Located at 500 Hawthorne Drive, the facility is designed to meet the needs of the community by providing care for those experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis.

The Hawthorne location will serve as the regional Crisis Intervention Team Assessment Center (CITAC) drop-off site for law enforcement to transfer custody of persons needing emergency evaluations, as well as additional services. We are excited to share a new program, 23-hour Crisis Stabilization Program, where individuals experiencing an acute mental health condition can receive brief intervention and care in the community without needing an inpatient behavioral health hospitalization.

In the 23-hour Crisis Stabilization program, individuals will receive nursing and psychiatric care, counseling, case management, and linkage services, as well as contact with peer services from individuals who have experienced similar issues in their lives. Additionally, the facility will offer hot meals, showers, and clean clothes to quickly help individuals get on the road to recovery from mental health and substance use disorders.

The opening of this facility is a needed addition to the service continuum by which we can serve people in crisis with options that allow them to remain in their community while receiving needed care.” – Eric Greene, Sr. Vice President Virginia Division

The facility will also provide a mental health intensive outpatient (MH IOP) program for individuals with acute mental health conditions and those returning to the community from inpatient treatment facilities. While the facility currently only accepts adults, children and youth are planned for expansion in the near future.

The Community can access these services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is located at the corner of Hawthorne Drive and Industrial Drive near Walmart in Norton.

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