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Program Description

It’s the goal of Frontier Health’s Doctoral Internship in Psychology to enhance delivery for underserved persons in rural community mental health centers just like the ones where interns work.

The internship year focuses on equipping and preparing psychology doctoral students for rewarding and competent work in the context of rural, community-based behavioral healthcare.

Frontier Health’s Doctoral Internship provides training in clinical skills and experiences essential to the practice of professional psychology.

Interns deliver evidence-based interventions, provide diagnosis and assessment for children and/or adults, and participate in weekly supervision with a Licensed Psychologist. Interns participate in weekly didactic trainings and other forms of supervision.


There is one position available for the adult track. This position involve providing outpatient individual therapy services in an outpatient site within the Frontier Health organization. There are opportunities for providing group therapy, especially addressing substance use concerns.


There are two positions available for the children and youth track. Each position involves providing outpatient individual and family therapy services for children of all ages. There may be limited opportunities for working with youth that are receiving residential services through Frontier Health.

Assessment experience is a significant focus of the internship and each intern is scheduled to complete 2-4 assessments per month through Frontier Health’s Assessment and Forensic Services.

Frontier Health’s Doctoral Internship in Psychology is committed to creating an atmosphere that respects and values the importance of individual differences for ensuring an enriching and valuable training experience. Therefore, we strongly encourage applications from individuals of diverse backgrounds.


Interns can expect to spend approximately 3.5 days per week providing clinical interventions, and approximately one-half to one day per week conducting psychological evaluations. Interns gather together each week for two hours of didactic training and one hour of group supervision.

After this time, interns are encouraged but not required to socialize with one another. Individual supervision with a primary and secondary supervisor is worked into each intern’s schedule.


Interns receive at least two hours of weekly, face-to-face supervision with a licensed clinical psychologist. Interns receive two additional hours of supervision each week for a total of at least four hours of supervision.

The additional supervision hours may come in the form of group supervision, supervision with an allied mental health professional, supervision with a postdoctoral resident in psychology, or another appropriate medium. Interns, whenever possible, are encouraged to participate in staffing meetings held at the sites where they provide clinical services.


The annual stipend for FHSDIP interns is $22,000. Interns are not eligible for employee-sponsored health insurance or other employee benefits.

FHSDIP interns are provided private office space, a dedicated computer, and a user ID for accessing a personal account and Frontier Health’s electronic medical record. Interns have access to an extensive testing library through their work with the Assessment and Forensic Services Department. Interns have access to administrative support through the Information and Technology Help Desk.

Frontier Health Services Doctoral Internship in Psychology abides by APPIC’s policy on nondiscrimination (https://www.appic.org/About-APPIC/APPIC-Policies/Member-Policy).

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