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LGBTQ Awareness

Jun 16, 2021 | News

June is celebrated as PRIDE month to raise awareness and increase the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, therefore PRIDE month is also a time to honor those in the community that we have lost. The LGBTQ community is vulnerable to misunderstanding, subject to abuse, and surrounded by stigma. Individuals identifying with the LGBTQ community are often bullied and struggle with family and social acceptance, contributing to increased depression, anxiety, and in some cases, suicide.

Many people in the LGBTQ community are often reluctant to seek behavioral health care as they fear the provider will not accept them and that their needs will be ignored. Accepting individuals from all walks of life is essential to providing quality services at Frontier Health. Preventing suicide and promoting positive coping skills and resilience are part of the most critical aspects of the services at Frontier Health. Our centers provide care that focuses on self-awareness, self-acceptance, mindfulness, communication skills, and coping skills. We recognize the unique issues related to the LGBTQ population and have several identified clinicians who passionately serve this population. The advances of telehealth have also allowed us to more conveniently connect individuals seeking services with these clinicians regardless of whether the individual and clinician are located in the same or different communities.

“Accepting individuals from all walks of life is an important part of who we are here at Frontier. Our mission is to provide trauma-focused quality services, treating all people with dignity and respect, allowing them a safe place to seek their recovery and healing” – Kristie Hammonds, President & CEO

For those who are in a crisis or are having self-harming or suicidal thoughts, please contact our 24/7 Crisis Hotline at (877) 928-9062. To schedule an appointment at the nearest Frontier facility, please visit www.frontierhealth.org/locations. Frontier Health has trained clinicians who can provide the specialized care LGBTQ individuals require and deserve.

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