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Medication-Assisted Recovery (MAR) Program Expansion

Mar 31, 2021 | News

Frontier Health is excited to announce the expansion of our Medication-Assisted Recovery (MAR) program through a partnership with Integrated Addiction Care Associates (IAC). This program uses medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a “whole-patient” approach to treating substance use disorders. The MAR program uses many clinically driven medication options to assist individuals in the treatment of their substance abuse and recovery process.

Full recovery and the ability to live a self-maintained life is the ultimate goal of the MAR. The MAR treatment approach has been shown to help individuals:

  • Gain or maintain employment
  • Increase retention in treatment
  • Improve survival
  • Decrease criminal activity and illicit opiate use
  • Improve birth outcomes for women who are pregnant with substance abuse disorders

“We are excited to share this new partnership which allows the opportunity to better meet the needs in our community- meeting people where they are and working with them individually to assist in meeting their recovery goals.  This program is not just for people struggling from an opioid addiction, it is for anyone struggling with a need for substance use treatment.” – Kristie Hammonds, President & CEO of Frontier Health

To help better meet our community’s needs, Frontier Health has partnered with IAC Associates, specifically Dr. Hayward, for additional MAR services. Richard Hayward, MD, is Board Certified in Family Medicine and a graduate of the UT program in Jackson, TN. He recently completed the ACGME-accredited and HRSA-funded Addiction Medicine fellowship at Baptist Memorial Health Care that is part of the Center of Excellence in Addiction Medicine formed by Baptist and IAC (Integrated Addiction Care) Associates. Dr. Hayward has years of clinical medicine experience and explicitly helps patients with addictions to various substances (including opioids, alcohol, nicotine, benzodiazepines, and others) achieve recovery.

“It is a special pleasure to work with Frontier to positively impact the population that you serve.” 
- David Stern, Cofounder of IAC

Frontier Health has grant funding, through the department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service, which provides these services free of charge for individuals who qualify. Frontier Health also accepts TennCare and other insurances. For those interested in the MAR program, please call 1-855-336-9327.

“No one who needs treatment should let cost be a barrier to seeking care. Frontier Health has resources that can assist. If you need help, please give us a call,” stated Hammonds

Frontier Health is the region’s leading provider of behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse, co-occurring, intellectual and developmental disabilities, recovery and vocational rehabilitation services, and has been providing services since 1957. Its mission is to provide quality services that encourage people to achieve their full potential. For more information, visit www.frontierhealth.org or call 423-467-3600.

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