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National Counseling Awareness Month

Apr 26, 2021 | News

During the month of April, Frontier Health is celebrating National Counseling Awareness Month, a designation by the American Counseling Association (ACA). It is a time to celebrate counselors’ vital work and focus on promoting awareness around the availability and support of mental health counseling services. Individuals and families throughout our communities are assisted and strengthened through various counseling, rehabilitation, and support services. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, counselors have been in even greater demand. Frontier Health counselors and therapists have responded to the demand by providing services in schools, physician’s offices, emergency rooms, community-based settings, and in our office-based clinics.”

“Counseling is more than helping individuals; counseling is community work. At the heart of counseling is helping individuals thrive as they go through common human conditions and experiences – divorce, loss of a loved one, mental illness, relationship difficulties, loss of a job, stress, trauma, life changes, etc. It follows then that the counselor’s role is of human development and community development. Without counseling, the healthcare system is incomplete. Counseling is key to a community’s whole health care.” – Vonda Wagner, Director of Rehabilitation Services, Frontier Health

If you need counseling services, Frontier Health offers services throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia; please visit www.FrontierHealth.org/locationsto find the closest available location.

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