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With Frontier Health’s New Telehealth Services, we are able to meet you right where you are in order to provide the same great services using your smartphone, tablet or laptop during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are offering telehealth appointments over the phone and video telehealth appointments through the zoom app.

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Frontier Health is the region’s leading provider of behavioral health services, offering treatment for mental health, co-occurring, and substance abuse problems, recovery and vocational rehabilitation, and developmental and intellectual disabilities services.

Call (877) 928-9062 for 24/7 telephone and face-to-face assessments

How can I make an appointment?

If you need to make an appointment and have never been to Frontier Health before then you will need to find a location that is close to you and pick the service that you need. There is a link below that will take you to our location and services search page. You will find you can search for the service you are looking for and the nearest location in your area with contact information, so you can call to make an appointment.

What services can I receive through Telehealth?

• Medication Management
• Therapy
• Case Management
• Peer Support Services

What do I do if I have an appointment?

Frontier Health is currently using telehealth-based appointments, so we can make sure the individuals we serve are still able to continue using the services we provide. You will be able to continue your appointments with your provider through your choice of either Phone Telehealth Appointments or Video Telehealth Appointments.

  • For Phone Telehealth Appointments: Please call the phone number you were given on the day and time of your scheduled appointment if you choose to have a phone call provider appointment. Your provider will give you directions along with the correct information for you to call for your appointment each time you schedule your next appointment. If you have further questions, please call us at 423-467-3600.
  • For Video Telehealth Appointments: Click the Zoom Link below to join your appointment on our website from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to see and speak to your provider for your video appointment. Your provider will give you the correct information to join your appointment when you schedule before your next appointment. If you have further questions, please call us at 423-467-3600.

For video telehealth services please follow the link below:

Are our Telehealth appointments safe and confidential?
Yes. We use only evidence-based practices and our telehealth services maintain our commitment to quality and security. All telehealth sessions are confidential and use HIPAA compliant technology and guidelines.

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