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Mental Health

When you’re facing difficulties and stress that affect your mental health, we’re here to help.

Building Abilities

Services for the developmentally disabled include education, job, and life skills training that encourage independence.

Substance Use

When drug or alcohol use causes trouble at work or home, call to begin your journey to recovery.

Children & Youth

Frontier’s staff of highly trained and compassionate professionals provide help and understanding for children of all ages.

Find a Frontier Health facility near you.

Frontier Health has 65 facilities in 12 counties in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Crisis Response

Even when you’re doing your best to manage symptoms of mental illness, they can worsen without help.

Stigma Stops Now

Learn what mental illness, addiction or intellectual disabilities are and what they’re not.

A Haven from Abuse

No matter where you live or who you are, you deserve to be safe from an abusive relationship.

Join Our Team

We offer continuing education, mentoring, advancement from within, and enviable paid time off.

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